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Today we answer a bunch of your questions about how we produce our videos. We show you our cameras, our lights, we go over music, etc. Use this link to sign up for a 7 day FREE AudioBlocks trial (Sponsored by AudioBlocks, all opinions are my own.) Full music reviews below…

AudioBlocks: We’ve been using AudioBlocks for quite awhile now, I purchased a subscription myself a few months back but last year we had hired an editor to help with editing for a little while during some major traveling and he used AudioBlocks in our videos. That was my introduction to the service, so we’ve been using AudioBlocks music for about a year. When I signed up for it myself I was very surprised at how much I had to choose from, how easy it was to find what I wanted, the quality of music was good, and compared to other options it was not expensive. I contacted them through a company that fits YouTubers with brands (because I genuinely like the AudioBlocks service and I knew this company had worked with AudioBlocks in the past) and they organised sponsorship for this video.

Josh Woodward: Composed our theme song “Learn to Fly.” Josh is super talented and great but it’s like the other one I mentioned, Incompetech; everyone uses them because they are free and pretty widely known as the go-to for free music to use on YouTube.

IbAudio: Expensive, NOT a big selection of music, and I don’t think their quality is the best.

AudioMicro: This one is expensive, both if you’re downloading one at a time or have the bulk plan, both ways it’s much more expensive than AudioBlocks. I had access to this library through our old MCN (network). They do have good selection and quality however, they do have Content ID issues that happen fairly often, I’ve had maybe 40 videos trip content ID BUT they usually release them within a few hours, which is pretty awesome if you’ve just uploaded something that can’t wait to go live.

Epidemic: This is another library that I had access to under our old MCN. Very high quality music, very easy to search and find a good piece. Their music is exclusive to their library, so no trouble with Content ID (yet). HOWEVER, it is SUPER expensive and really not a feasible music option for an independant YouTuber.

BenSound: This is a very small library but it’s free, pretty good quality, too.

Other music sources … I’ve used several other sources, too. I don’t have them listed here because I think they are risky to use. With websites that list a bunch of “royalty free” or “creative commons” music that hundreds of music artists upload themselves and set licensing terms, you just never know what the artist’s plan is for their music for the long term. They could in a month sign with a licensing company and cause you problems with Content ID and claims on your videos. We haven’t personally had this happen, but I had one music piece I was worried about, the website it was listed on wanted over a thousand dollars for me to use it on my YouTube videos and I already had downloaded and used it because it originally was under Creative Commons 3.0! I freaked out and contacted the artist directly who told me he was fine with our usage and he was glad we liked it enough to use it, (whew!) … so be careful when selecting music for your videos!

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