We Are Monster High! Dance and Singing Contest! | Kittiesmama

Monster High is having a dance/singing contest to be featured in their next music video! Here’s the link to enter and to read the full official rules: http://mattel.promo.eprize.com/monsterhigh

Please let us know if you enter! We want to vote for all our viewers that enter! So don’t forget to tell us! Good luck everyone! I hope you like my freaky fabulous moves! lol!

Emma’s video is just an example entry not an actual entry. We decided not to enter the contest because it was a public vote and we didn’t think it would be fair for the other contestants since we’ve got almost 200,000 subscribers (wahoo for that though!). But we wanted to make sure our viewers knew about the contest so they could enter! 🙂 Now a couple of things, you can sing OR dance OR both; you don’t HAVE to do the official dance moves although you probably have a better chance of winning if you do. Be sure to read the full rules as we didn’t go over everything. Good luck everyone, Emma can not wait to vote!

This is not a sponsored video. All opinions are our own.

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