Mini Celebrities Episode 2 – Justin Bieber – Selena Gomez – Taylor Swift – Lindsey Lohan
Super cute short parodies of celebrities acted out by the cutest kids on YouTube! Episode 2, Back to School

This is a collaboration between kittiesmama and all4tubekids.

This episode the mini-celebrities start school. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez get to know each other better. Justin just can’t help himself from tripping over his own two feet or from singing in line! Justin gets mad at the gym teacher and gets in trouble with the principal for using a cell phone during school. Lindsay Lohan gets a nice compliment from Taylor Swift on her necklace, but is it really hers? Justin gets the courage to ask out Selena, what will be her response? Will she say yes? Find out in the next episode of Mini-Celebrities! Subscribe to both our channels to not miss an episode!

Kittiesmama channel:

All4tubekids channel:

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Full Cast:
Jonah from KittiesMama as Mini- Justin Bieber
Emma from KittiesMama as Mini- Selena Gomez
Brianna from All4tubekids as Mini- Taylor Swift
Brittany from All4tubekids as Mini- Lindsay Lohan
Mommy from KittlesMama as Miss Kitty the kids’ teacher
Daddy from KittiesMama as the Principal
Roland the Dad from All4tubekids as Mr. Powers the gym teacher

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