This is our family vlog for the second week of April. Here’s how our week went.

Emma misreads a sign in the parking lot at a grocery store and thinks is says “Excellent Mothers” instead of “Expectant Mothers” she thinks Mommy should park in that space because she is excellent! Then we buy a cake for our uncle. We are late to his surprise birthday party. We try on floppy summer hats at Target. Mommy catches a possum on the porch eating out of the cat bowls! We built an LPS town that has pokemon, webkinz, and all our favorite toys and set up a parade! Then we list everything that we won this week! Even though we didn’t win YouTube NextUp we are still WINNING! šŸ™‚ Noah won a spot on his Music Memory team and got the best score in his age group for his school. He gets to go compete at a college to compete at the state level. Both Jonah and Noah won at their the bible club competition. Emma won the citizenship award at her school. šŸ™‚ So it’s a great week even though we lost NextUp. Thanks for watching, we hope you tune in for next week!

Parade Sound:
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Learn to Fly by Josh Woodward
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