Thank you! (vlog for 1st week of April)
Here’s this week’s family vlog. It’s a bit short, the kids explain we were really distracted and busy this week with NextUp and asking people to vote and promoting that we didn’t film very much of what we did.

But here’s what we did capture on video. We got our oil changed again. All three kids went with Mommy this time, they read books and played with JigglyPuff in the waiting room, yes it’s always Pokemon time around the kids. We had really nice weather, so they played outside allot. Jonah and Emma had a cracker picnic with Plusle. And Emma shows you Casino Cat’s new “house.”

We also thank you guys so so much for all you have done this week for us! We are truly blessed to have such great subscribers supporting us! Don’t worry, next week everything will go back to normal and we even have a couple skits planned, so stay tuned! And thanks for watching!

Song: Learn to Fly
Artist: Josh Woodward
Other music and sound effects are from Apple iLife
Permission :

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