KittiesMama YouTube NextUp Application
Voting is over, thank you so much to everyone that voted and supported us! We appreciate all of you! And we truly feel blessed with the best subscribers ever!

Then click thumbs up! You can thumbs up once a day! I don’t normally beg but please vote and get friends to vote, too! Thank you to all our subbers who believe in us!

Hi subscribers this is our weekly vlog! Please help us out and vote for us by thumbs-upping this video AT THE LINK during the voting stage! This weeks vlog is short because it’s an entry for YouTube’s NextUp program!

The background music I made myself in GarageBand!

VOTE NOW for your favorite YouTube Partners and send them to the final round of YouTube NextUp. Limit one vote per video per day. Voting closes on April 8 at 5:00 PM PST.

Learn more about YouTube NextUp, a new program exclusively for up-and-coming YouTube Partners, and other YouTube Creator Programs at

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