Jonah’s Answer to Who’s the better Driver (Small Talk Contest) Ryan Seacrest
This is Jonah’s answer to “Who’s the better driver, Mommy or Daddy?” He excitedly yells “Daddy!” Then quickly changes his answer, lol, I think he was afraid to hurt my feelings. After some investigation, I found out that once daddy did let them hang their heads out the window on the way back from school (a block away). I thought he made it up! LOL! And the wreck, well, I backed into my step-sister’s husband’s car (tool guy) that was parked in my mom’s (Bop-bah is what they call her) driveway, oops! 🙂 But like he says, it doesn’t make me a bad driver.

This is our entry into the Ryan Seacrest Small Talk Contest.

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